Fried Apple Pies

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By Bernice Mosteller candychristmas

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These are great little apple pies, & you can change the fruit to a different filling, I have made peach,blueberry, sweet potato, & pumpkin. They are really great.


pot of cooked apples
sugar to your taste
spices ( cinnamon, cloves, apple pie spice) to your taste
peanut oil for frying.

Directions Step-By-Step

You can use dried fruit or fresh apples. You use your own judgement on how many apples to cook, to how many pies you want to make.
I peel,core,& slice my apples. Put them in a sauce pan with very little water & cook slowly. The apples will make some juice their self. If you get too much liquid you can add a little cornstarch to the sugar to thicken. DON"T ADD The sugar until the apples has cooked.
Take off the heat and let it get cooled off. You don't want it to be warm, it will mess the dough up.
Sometimes I make my on crust, but most of the time I just use can biscuits. I get the store brand, they work best. DON"T get the buttermilk biscuits, get the home style. The name brand usually has kosher salt, it will make little holes in the crust when you fry them. So the store works best.
Flour you pastry sheet, put a biscuit on it and roll out as if you're make a crust.Dampen the edge of the dough so it will seal off better. Place about 1 1/2 teaspoon of filling in the middle. It really depends on how much you roll the crust. You don't want it thick or too thin to tear when you're frying them. Dampen edge with water using your finger tip.
Fold over the crust, take a fork and press around the edge, turn over and repeat the edge again.
I use an electric skillet with peanut oil. Lay your pie in the skillet when you think the oil is hot enough. When you lay the pie in, it should start to sizzle around the edges. Fry it until golden brown, turn & fry on the other side.
I usually have my skillet temp. around 300 degrees, but the temp can vary on different skillet, just keep a close eye, & don't burn them.
Lay on paper towels to drain. I sprinkle with a sugar & cinnamon mixture in a salt shaker. Then enjoy!! Every time I take these pies for a get together, whether home or church, these pies disappear fast.

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Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
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drenda owens ganma4
Nov 8, 2012
my mama used to make the best fried pies, she also dried her own apples. she would make me a big plate of pies for my birthday instead of a cake because i loved them so much, precious memories.
tried making some today, they were ok but not like hers.
Rachel Copeland prettyinparty
Sep 11, 2012
This makes me want to try this and add bacon to the apple pie. . .
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Bernice Mosteller candychristmas
May 1, 2012
Carole, To dry apples the newer version is with a food dehydrated. You peel & core the apples.,Then slice them up in thin slices, & put them on trays that comes with the dehydrated in single layers. The instructions should tell you the temperature & time frame for drying the fruit. When it is completely dry you can store it in glass jars, or in Freezer zip lock bags & keep it in the freezer. The fruit will dry & when you go to cook the apples you can add some water, apple juice Or apple cider to cook it. I can not give you the amounts, you just eyeball it to how much you are going to cook. After that you add your sugars & spices to your taste. This is the easy way compared to how we had to dry it when we were growing up. If anyone else can explain it better, feel free to join in. Lots of luck.