Dixie Pie-Tippins Restaurant Style

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By Shelley Young shellekc

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When Tippins Restaurant went out of business I was so sad at the thought of never having this pie again. It was just the best place to go for a late night coffee and pie "decompress" with a girlfriend. Then Hen House markets secured all of Tippins old pie recipes and started selling them in their stores. It still wasn't the same for me. I want to sit down with warm, fresh made pie and coffee and chat my bestie up for an hour. Now I can. So can you! Enjoy this pie warm with or without vanilla bean ice cream and a steamy cup of great coffee...and a friend.


eggs, beaten
3/4 c
3/4 c
light corn syrup
1/4 c
butter, melted
1 tsp
pure vanilla extract
1 c
heaping with pecan halves
1/2 c
heaping with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
homemade or store bought crust (bottom only)

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Prepare pie pan with crust, piercing the bottom and sides slightly with a fork and crimping the edge. Scatter the pecans and chips evenly over the bottom.
Mix the remaining 5 ingredients together and pour into the pie crust. Bake for 45 minutes.

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Course/Dish: Pies, Chocolate
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Mike Schinkel SchinkelBaker
Nov 26, 2014
By the way, Tippins uses walnuts not Pecans. I think it was because it was cheaper but I like the taste better with Walnuts. It's up to you.
Mike Schinkel SchinkelBaker
Nov 26, 2014
Thawing a little helps but do not cook the crust. The pie ingredients should be cooked together with the crust.
Paula Morse loviekay54
Nov 25, 2014
Hi, I am using a prepared frozen crust to make my Dixie Pie. Do I bake the crust for 10 min like is says on the package or thaw and fill with ingredients and then bake. I want my pie to be perfect so I am asking your advice. Thank you!
Mike Schinkel SchinkelBaker
Nov 24, 2014
Hey I was the Assistant Manager of the largest Rest in the chain and asked my GM to take home the extra French Silks for the week to a Boys and Girls Club Carnival I was supporting and we ran out of french silk pies. Being prepared, I had another 6 pie shells and whipped cream and chocolate pudding and several gallons of Blue Bell Chocolate Silk Ice Cream. The kids loved it but it was cold for the pie eating contest.
E H stlacire
Nov 23, 2014
I used to work at Tippins in STL and we were allowed to take pies home. I tried every kind. The French Silk is still my favorite but this is the one I am making this week for my family I loved it too.