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Rose Rauhauser Recipe

By Rose Rauhauser NewYorkWoman


I live near an apple orchard and this is the list the owner gave me of apples you can use for apple pies.


apples for pies

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In September and October the apples for pies are: Cortland, Johathan, Empire, Jonagold Melrose, Golden Delicious, Crispin, Stayman Winesap, Nittany, York Imperial, Rome and Fuji and Granny Smith.
The tart ones are: Cordland, Jonathan, Empire, Janagold, Melrose, Stayman Winesap York Imperial and Granny Smith. The Sweet ones are: Rome, Crispin, Fuji, Nittany. There are more but they come out at different times of the year. My apple pies I use mostly Rome with two Granny Smith for sweet and tart combination.. The apple sauce list is the same. Hope this is helpful.

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Course/Dish: Pies, Fruit Desserts

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Kay Pressel Kayitten
Oct 21, 2013
Brown's orchards in my neighborhood has a list posted in the apple area of their store. It lists the harvest time, tart/sweet and uses for each. I love that place. Everything: fresh fruits & veggies, lunch meats, baked goods, soups & crafts. Even a wine shop. If you live near by, it's worth visiting.
Rose Selvar potrose
May 21, 2013
Thanks Rose for this valuable information. My mom who was a MRS SMITH, always used Granny Smith for her pie baking. LOL. I printed this up so I could view it when I need it. Thanks again. 5/21/18
Deanna Sofia Gordinier DeannaSofiaGordinier
Sep 1, 2012
Thank you Deb, with my medication I can't have soy and it's in all store prepared products. I also have arthritis and fibromyalgia in 94% of body (includes the brain muscle). So I prefer a crumbled topping, the easier the better. You've made this a whole lot easier Hun!
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Nov 1, 2011
Sorry deb..I do not have your E-mail or I would send you a picture.while I was using it..and my pie..last week.
But kelly found a great one ...
Mine is an older model... like ancient!!! LOL
It REALLY saves time...especially when canning!!.....
Check out Kellys pie..decorated so
cute , with hearts!!! She ia such a doll!!
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
Nov 1, 2011
Like it
mine id older.and I have to clamp it ..
then hold it down...Wish I had this one..
BUT,,they work the same.......