Amazing Peach Turnovers

Janet Scott Recipe

By Janet Scott JanetLeeScott


I'm always making turnovers, so when I had a few peaches I thought it would be wonderful filling!



2-3 large
peaches, pealed, pitted and diced
1/2 c
1/2 tsp
lemon juice
1/2 Tbsp
1/4 tsp
real vanilla extract
1 dash(es)
2 1/2 c
all purpose flour
1 c
1/2 tsp
1/4 c
1 large
1 Tbsp
apple cider vinegar

Directions Step-By-Step

NOTE: You don't want very big slices because your putting the filling in a turnover.
In a small sauce pan add your diced peaches and sprinkle with sugar, flour, cinnamon and lemon juice. toss until blended. do not cook yet, let them sit and create juices. about 10 minutes.
Place on medium heat stirring gently until thickened. This won't take long so do not leave your pan unattended. Be careful not to mash your peaches. take off heat and fold in your vanilla, set aside.
Make your pie crust by whisking the water, egg and vinegar. set aside.
Mix your flour and salt until well incorporated then add your crisco using a fork in a chopping motion. it will be very crumbly.
Add the wet to the flour mixture and mix just until blended. Fold out on a floured surface.
cut your dough in half and work with one half at a time.
You can use a lid to cut your circles or use a gizmo like I found at the kitchen store. They are great!
Place a heaping tablespoon of filling in the center of your circle.
Using a pastry brush coat the outside edges with a egg wash, fold over and press sides with a fork to seal. Brush the outside of your crust with a little egg wash. Place each one on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

dust with powdered sugar or a simple glaze...or both! SO yummy!

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Course/Dish: Pies, Other Desserts
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Janet Scott JanetLeeScott
Aug 12, 2013
I'm so sorry Phyllis, the egg wash I used is just whipped up eggs and using a pastry brush. The purpose of it is to seal your dough so your filling won't ooze out. It will also give a golden brown color to your crust. When I decorate with leaves flowers...etc. I brush the egg wash on only them and they stand out so pretty again the lighter crust. :) I hope everything went okay.

Thank you so much Eddie :)
Eddie Szczerba chefed59
Aug 11, 2013
Hi Phylis! I'm sure Janet didn't skip the egg wash step on purpose,she's an accomplished baker,and a very good one I might say. If you are savvy with a computer which it looks like you are,a quick google and you would of had your answer. Her intentions are always meant to be helpful,a true friend indeed! :)
phyllis norman-mcintyre pnorman
Aug 11, 2013
I've never made turnovers before.....and I was confused about the egg wash? No where did you explain what it was or how to make it. As a beginner, I was totally lost and ended up making them without an eggs wash. They're in the oven now so we'll see how they turn out,
Straw's Kitchen CinCooks
Apr 6, 2013
#4..." a gizmo like I found at the kitchen store"

I had a whole set of those gizmos in all sizes for years. Finally gave them to my Daughter so she could use them with the Grandgirls.
Eddie Szczerba chefed59
Apr 6, 2013
They look very yummy! Love peaches!! :)