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Country Pie Crust Recipe

Country Pie Crust

By Barbara Alden

This recipe is from the book I got the Dinner rolls from. It is not very healthy...

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'Can't Leave Alone' Bars Recipe

'Can't Leave Alone' Bars

By Jan W

This recipe is from Taste of Home Church Supper Desserts, one of a set of six...

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Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake Recipe

Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake

By Pat Duran

Betty Crocker says,"Who can resist this heavenly dessert when it's so easy to make?"

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Raspberry Torte Recipe

Raspberry Torte


This is a very nice light texture dessert. Perfect for Valentines or Mother's Day treats.

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Pecan Sticky Rolls Recipe

Pecan Sticky Rolls

By Angela Pietrantonio

I love making bread, rolls, biscuits, you name it... These are wonderful! Recipe Source ~ cookinglight.com

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