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Gum Paste - Simple Recipe

Gum Paste - Simple


Web Photo I finally found a recipe for Gum Paste that did not require "gum tragacanth" or...

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Edible Clear Glue Recipe

Edible Clear Glue


Royal Icing is a good glue but sometimes in decorating we need a clear glue. Keeping...

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Gold Bars Recipe

Gold Bars

Lisa Byrd
By Lisa Byrd

When I was a kid, we had a "snack bar" at our middle school where you...

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Failsafe Lemon Bars Recipe

Failsafe Lemon Bars

Mama Robin
By Mama Robin

These are wonderful and oh, so easy to make!! Always a hit with my family...

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Rose Dailey
By Rose Dailey

One of my momma's favorites :-) my online cookbook: http://tx-cherokee.tripod.com/index.html

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Strawberry Beignets with Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

Strawberry Beignets with Homemade Whipped Cream

Leah Stacey
By Leah Stacey

These aren't your standard square beignets. They do not use yeast. They remind me of strawberry...

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Chocolate Eclairs Recipe

Chocolate Eclairs

Nicole Bredeweg
By Nicole Bredeweg

Again, my husband and I go to our local Taste of Home Cooking School (our local...

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Malibu Rum (coconut) Cupcakes Recipe

Malibu Rum (coconut) Cupcakes

Jen Frame
By Jen Frame

I got this receipe from howsweeteats.com. This is so yummy and just screams summer!!! Pictures to...

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Easy Peasy Lemon Curd Recipe

Easy Peasy Lemon Curd

Nickole Smith-Palacios
By Nickole Smith-Palacios

This may just be my favorite thing to make (and eat,lol) but it's not so friendly...

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Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butternut Squash Recipe

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butternut Squash

Holly Grier
By Holly Grier

I love butternut squash just about any way, but with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon it's...

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