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Reese's Marble Cheesecake Recipe

Reese's Marble Cheesecake

By Anita Hoffman

A delicious creamy cheesecake for peanut butter and chocolate lovers. Recipe and photo adapted from Hershey's.

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Cream Cheese Frosting N one Bowl By Freda Recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting N one Bowl By Freda


This is a "DARK Chocolate", Chocolate Cream cheese frosting. Very Easy to Make, Melt Chocolate, in water,...

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Muddy Buddies Crunch Bars Recipe

Muddy Buddies Crunch Bars

By Raven Higheagle

Captain is the perfect cereal for these bars. It’s fairly neutral in flavor, so all you...

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Giant Danish Recipe

Giant Danish

By Teresa Jacobson

I found this recipe in a magazine about 20 years ago. I've tweaked it a bit...

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