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Diabetic Friendly-Sugar Free Powdered Sugar

By Dutch Reyveld Dutchr

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Dutch's Story

These are two methods of making your own Sugar Free Powdered Sugar.

The first is just to make one for dusting and the other is to act as bulk in a recipe.


1 c
splenda granulated
1 tsp
part splenda granulated
parts non-fat dry milk powder
parts cornstarch

Directions Step-By-Step

In the first for dusting, grind thoroughly in a blender and store in a tightly capped jar. Don't try to use a food processor for either of these. (The cornstarch acts as an anti-caking agent)
In the second, again grind thoroughly and store the same. This can be use when powdered sugar is called for as an ingredient IN the recipe and will give some bulk.
I use the first often on Lemon Bars and some Bundt cakes. The second, I use to make my own version of Swiss Mocha Powder, which I like in my coffee. Omitting the cornstarch, I mix it with Ramstadt-Breda Rich Dark Cocoa and store in a jar. Add one tsp. of that to fresh ground/brewed coffee and sneer at Starbucks! LOL BTW, I use Dunkin' Donuts regular blend beans. They're killing Starbucks with it...(The Ramstadt-Breda Rich Dark Cocoa is available at preparedpantry.com It's VERY good for this and baking)
For OTHER International flavored coffee powders, grind sugar-free hard candies such as peppermint, butterscotch, hazelnut etc. Sweet n' Low has a range of them. I make gifts of these to Diabetic friends for Christmas along w/ the recipe so they can make more for themselves. They make great gifts for your Diabetic or weight-conscious friends. Pretty simple. Dry non fat milk powder, non-caffeine instant coffee granules for those that only drink that, sugar-free candy powder and some Splenda if you want sweeter.
Jolly Rancher, Werther's Original, Crystal Light and Lifesavers all also have these and most are available at Amazon.com

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  • user
    Susan Robinson Suezque - May 26, 2011
    Love your posts, Dutch!
  • user
    Dutch Reyveld Dutchr - May 26, 2011
    Thank you, Susan...I hope some of this group will find something I've posted that interests or helps them. I've found so many recipes here that I'd like to try, that it frightens!!! Gained 3# just by looking and saving! LOL Must have run to my pantry and freezers ten times, checking to see if I had ingredients...

    Gran always told me before grocery shopping! "Don't you go shopping before you eat something!" NOW, I HAVE to eat something before I come to this site!!! LOL

    Love that so many have been passed down through the posters family.
  • user
    Jo Zimny EmilyJo - May 27, 2011
    I use this but make it with Xylitol, the magic bullet is a great tool to use for this one.
  • user
    Dutch Reyveld Dutchr - May 27, 2011
    Yup! Xylitol is a great product and I've been doing a little experimenting with Stevia...Can get that in flavors, such as Strawberry. Supposedly all natural...
  • user
    Jo Zimny EmilyJo - May 27, 2011
    I pretty much only use Xylitol and Zsweet, best two out there. I read that splenda is chemically altered same with sweet and low, equal, sugar twin. I only know about splenda, they apparently use chlorine to alter it, thought, if you are interested in sharing this link:splendaexposed.com/...dden_chem.html it give some information on it. Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you.