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Really simple to make, and tastes great!
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Grab a small pot and pour about half of the bottle of Kahlua rum (or any rum of your choice) into the pot, and let it simmer for about a minute. Eyeball enough raisins to toss into the rum, and then add in the 1/4 c of sugar. Stir until the sugar dissolves, and let the rum raisins simmer for about 3 minutes.
Allow the rum raisins to cool off before mixing it in with the ice cream. Once raisins are fully cooled, scoop as much ice cream as you desire and stir in the rum raisins. You can eat right away or put it back in the freezer till the next day. It'll be delicious both ways!


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user Cin Straw's Kitchen NanatomyGrandsismyPassion - Sep 2, 2011
Looks good. One of my Granddaughter is named Sophia (she's "2").
user Sophia F SophiaF1996 - Sep 2, 2011
Aww, how cute :)
user Penny Hall FantasyFaery54 - Sep 3, 2011
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user Penny Binker pennybinker - Nov 24, 2012
Watching an old Julia Child episode, she had individual servings of vanilla ice cream making for her guest. Then she sprinkled on instant coffee. Then she poured alcohol over it and around it. I want to say she used brandy. I think I would really like the Kahlua with the coffee on the ice cream. Can't see how the raisins would hurt either. I actually will eat ice cream now with instant coffee sprinkled on it and even go a bit hog wild and add more than probably should and mix it up well & feel that it is officially coffee ice cream when I get finished with it. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

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