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Natural Mango Sorbet(no milk or eggs added).

By San Day SandraDay

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3 liters for this recipe
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San's Story

I went to a patisserie classes trying to learn the pistachio ice cream..but we did the mango sorbet and others fruits as well.. I was amazed to know that this one does not add creams, milk, eggs, or any substances to add validation to its contents.. It is all natural.. enjoy my recipe...


1 1/2 kg
ripped mango
1 l
water sugar (folow recipe)
1 l
1 kg

Directions Step-By-Step

1. Peel off the mango fruits. Cut in cubes or slices. Add the water sugar(follow up the directions). Using a blender mix both. Strain it to remove any substance from the mangos. Use an ice cream -sorbet-maker...
Water sugar directions: MIx the water with sugar. You should have a "gel" consistence.

PS: I used the measurements of a liter.. one liter is equal to 4 times 250ml or a large cup. 1 pound=454 grams( you will need a lit more than 2 pounds to make one kilogram).

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Fe Marie Evangelista mevange4
Jun 20, 2011
For Jeana:
1/2 kg = 6.61 cups Mango
1 L = 4.23 cups/ 33.81 fluid ounces Water
1 Kg = 4 1/8 cups sugar
Hope this helps :)
San Day SandraDay
May 27, 2011
I revised.. it is better done using an ice cream maker.. You can make it without the machine, but it will take much longer until reach the consistence of a sorbet. If you wish to try without the machine, just mix, after straining it place in container that fits the freezer. You will have to remove and mix every 45 min to break the ice crystals that will form.. I recommend using an electrical mixer.. ( it is like making a glace or ice cream)..
I did it using an ice cream machine and had it done in 25minutes..
Jeana Taylor ankessa
May 27, 2011
can this be translated into united states english for those of us who dont understand this