Mama's Frozen Peaches

Colleen Sowa


Mama the Kitchen Queen! 8th grade graduate, an avid reader, self taught. Married at 15. Had two marriages and 10 kids by 27!

Not a timid cook, won contests, loved making all from "scratch", best cook I've ever known! Mama baked, cooked & canned, but my favorite thing was Mama's Frozen Peaches!

I loved helping in the kitchen, and learned many of her cooking "secrets" & have such fond memories.

But, the best memories were on cold winter nights, by the fire, watching T.V., chipping away with a spoon & eating frozen peaches with sweet mama and our family!

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40 - 50 half pints
1 Hr
20 Min
Stove Top



25 lb
ripe peaches
1 jar(s)
fruit fresh (use according to packaging, then add a little extra)


10 c
10 c
1/2 c
lemon juice (bottled) or lime juice


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1Fresh peaches should not be mushy, or unripe, but they should be firm and ripe.

Pick or buy your peaches when you are ready to work with them, and do them right away.

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2The method I use for Jams, canning and freezing of peaches is the "blanching" technique, which makes it very easy to remove the peel or "skin" from the peaches.

First bring a pan of water to a boil. And get a second pan ready with cold water for shocking the fruits and stop cooking process.

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3Wash your peaches.

Turn each peach upside down, use a paring knife to make a small "X" on the bottom of each peach (This helps to make peeling the skin off easier).

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4Put scored peaches into boiling water for about a minute.

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5Remove from the boiling water into a pan of very cold water (some people use ice water). This stops the peaches from cooking and helps cool them so they are easier to handle.

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6Remove "skin" of peaches by sliding them off with your hands (I sometimes use a knife to help slide the skin off).

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7Slice peaches in half and remove pits.

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8Cut peaches into desired size slices (about 1/4 inch thick for me).

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9Sprinkle Fruit Fresh over the sliced peaches. I sprinkle several times and stir gently after each addition.

The Fruit Fresh keeps the colors and flavors of the fruit looking and tasting fresh!

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10Bring water and sugar to a boil, stirring until sugar is dissolved and syrup forms. I like to boil mine for about 5 minutes.

Add either lemon or lime juice to the syrup.

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11Pour the syrup over the peaches and gently stir.

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12Sprinkle on more Fruit Fresh and gently stir.

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13Divide the peaches and liquid into freezer containers.

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14Put lids on containers. Let cool. Put into Freezer.

*** Wait for a winter night. Snuggle by the fireplace with the kids... each with a spoon and a half pint container of my Mama's Frozen Peaches!

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15Frozen Peaches!

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16Frozen Peaches!

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17Gavin was ill... and I gave him a special treat... he was very happy! ox

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