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This is NOT my recipe---I found this on Pinterest, the lady that posted this, used a regular ice cream maker, I just have the kind that you freeze the inside container. I halved the recipe and did not add any extra milk; it came out great---here is her website


She also has an orange ice cream posted as well...yumm yumm
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Let me say...the ingredient list is what the recipe said on Pinterest. I used half of each ingredient...and I did not add any extra chocolate milk. Because she had a regular 1/2 gallon maker, mine is just a simple maker and was only 2 quart size.
Whisk condensed milk with Cool whip, add chocolate milk, whisk until all is well blended.
Pour into bowl of maker. Start. And 30 minutes later...yummy chocolate ice cream :D
*The next time I make this I am going to be using my Silk Chocolate milk (soy) so it will be gentler on my tummy!

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user Cheryl Chavez cheryllynnchavez - Jul 27, 2012
I wonder if you could blue diamond chocolate or use vanilla almond milk and have vanilla ice cream We do not like the Silk Soy. The almond is ok, but we much prefer to Blue diamond.
user X X urcherished - Jul 27, 2012
I am thinking yes, you could use anything.
It came out really good, I can not wait to try other flavors as well...I heard from a friend that said Silk make a fruit flavor milk, I would like to try that and even add some fresh fruit in there too...Just some thoughts~
user X X urcherished - Jul 27, 2012
The lady that originally posted how to make this...also posted where you use the condensed milk, cool whip, and a can of orange soda...that sounds good to me too...I'd like to try that too

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