Fruit Dessert Recipes

Fresh Peach Pie By freda Recipe

Fresh Peach Pie By freda


Peaches, Yummm-Yummm is A great Delight, of the Summer. Nothing better than Fresh Peach pie...

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Peach Creme Cheese Crepes~Robynne Recipe

Peach Creme Cheese Crepes~Robynne

Robynne Glenn
By Robynne Glenn

I made these beautiful crepes one year for my mother's birthday and she raved about them....

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1920's orange short cake Recipe

1920's orange short cake

Jennifer Ellis
By Jennifer Ellis

200-300 F. = Slow oven 325=375 F. = Moderate 400-450 F. = Hot oven 450-550 F = Very Hot ...

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Apple Crisp OR Cherry Apple Crisp Recipe

Apple Crisp OR Cherry Apple Crisp

Fran Miller
By Fran Miller

I've always LOVED Apple Crisp! I got this recipe from my friend, Anita E., around...

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Plum Good Crunch Recipe

"Plum" Good Crunch

Diane M.
By Diane M.

When a neighbor gave me a bunch of plums, and the only thing I could think...

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Strawberry Explosion Recipe

Strawberry Explosion

Phyllis Garard
By Phyllis Garard

I created this recipe using ideas taken from 2 other JAP member so giving credit where...

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Spiced-Up Apple Crisp Recipe

Spiced-Up Apple Crisp

Sue H
By Sue H

Lately I like to experiment with different flavors and put things together that you would not...

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Apple Toffee Blondies Recipe

Apple Toffee Blondies

Jenni K
By Jenni K

I've been on a "blondie" kick lately, and have been finding fantastic recipes at ...

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