Easter Bunny race cars

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1 twinkie snack cake
1 marhsmallow bunnie
2 regular size marshmallows
1 mini pretzel
4 m&m candies
a few dabs of white frosting

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Peggy's notes for this recipe:
My grandson had so much fun making these...it will be a treasured memory for both of us.
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about 2/3 back on the twinkie cut out a small rectangle to fit in the bunny marshmallow. Do not cut all the way thru the twinkie.
Cut about a 1/2 inch off the bottom of the bunny so he fits nicely in the opening. Then slide a mini pretzel in front of the bunny. (makes the steering wheel)
Cut the two regular marshmallows in half. They make the 4 wheels for the race car. Dab a bit of frosting on them to attach to the twinkie (car) and also a dab to hold on the M&M's (hubs)
Your ready to roll! such an easy little kitchen craft for the young ones to help with.

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user Mary Ann Hanson DeaconGrandma - Mar 25, 2014
OMG!!!! These are sooooo cute. I know two little boys who will be making these for Easter!
user Mary Ann Hanson DeaconGrandma - Mar 25, 2014
If you do not have a bag to pipe the icing on, put the frosting in a zip top bag and cut off a little piece of one corner. Squeeze a little frosting where you need it. Just a little less mess and more control. So sweet!
user Peggy Winters KITCHENISOPEN - Mar 26, 2014
I didn't pipe any icing....we had frosting in a tube....you use so little...it a few dabs for the wheels and hubs.
user Mary Ann Hanson DeaconGrandma - Mar 27, 2014
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user Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - Apr 10, 2014
Hi Peggy, I would like to invite you to my discussion group. It's called, "EVERYTHING MEXICAN". Just click www.justapinch.com/groups/v... hope to see you there. Bobby

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