Strawberry banana custard

Cindy Rice


Was looking for something that was healthy to eat..I had bananas and strawberries but I didn't want a smoothie..I started thinking about what I could make..this is what I came up initial thoughts was to make a fruit quiche..had to quickly change gears and make this into a deliscious and make this even healthier substitute coconut palm sugar for the brown sugar.. I would've if I had any on I do think it would taste even better..very lite..!! And versatile .was also gonna put in some coconut but my hubby doesn't care for it all that much.hope you like!

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20 Min
30 Min


strawberries, fresh( sliced and diced.. however way you want them )
6 or 7
bananas ( ripe )
1 handful
walnuts( measure them , then ground them up fine, like flour )
flax seed ( ground )
ricotta cheese( stir or drain before measuring )
1/4 tsp.
A Sprinkle
cardamom ( or a tiny pinch sprinkled )
1/2 tsp.
salt ( approx. )
brown sugar ( packed, scant,) ( cup sz. depends on how sweet you wish it to be.. i used 3/4 c.
almond milk( unsweetened vanilla flavor
1 c
hershey's kisses( dark chocolate ) melted
butter, just enough to melt kisses


1Peel bananas and put in mixing bowl..wash, hull strawberries.. Then slice and dice and add to mixing bowl..

2NEXT: friend up your walnut in a nut grinder( I have a coffee bean grinder that works wonders for this little chore..) throw in bin mixing bowl..grind your flax seed to fine powder..throw in the mixing bowl..with electric mixer mix all that's in mixing bowl..( well ) ..add your ricotta cheese.. Mix well.

3Then add your spices and salt..mix well..measure your brown sugar..add to mixing bowl..mix well.

4Measure your almond milk..add to mixture..mix well.. (I'm pretty sure I only used a cup..) crack your eggs into bowl...mix well making sure to break up eggs and mix thoroughly..

5Pour into deep dish pie plates.dividing evenly..

6Heat oven to 375°. Place custard in oven.increase to 400°. Bake for 15 min. Then reduce back down to 375° and bake for another 15 min.

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7While custard is cooling..melt your kisses with some butter and using a plastic bag put your chocolate mixture in bag..seal , snip a corner of bag, then drizzle in your choice of design on top of custards..( I left one w/out chocolate )..

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8Serve with fresh whipped cream.

9GONE..!! Lol

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Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Gluten-Free, Wheat Free
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