Hungarian Cookie Treasures

Donna Bardocz


My husband is 1/2 Hungarian and I was the lucky recipient of a lot of his family recipes because I liked to bake. This was one that I've changed up a bit to make it my own. It is so simply with only 6 ingredients. And you can add the jam or preserves of your liking, or sub a nut filling too. Dress it up with powdered sugar, frosting, or serve them plain. No matter what, you can bet they will get rave reviews with their buttery taste.

pinch tips: How to Melt and Soften Butter





1 Hr 10 Min


10 Min




8 oz
cream cheese, softened
1 lb
real butter, softened (no substitutes here)
1 c
granulated sugar
5 c
all-purpose flour
1-1/2 c
jam or preserves of your choice -- or you can optionally use a nut filling
1 c
powdered sugar, for dusting

Directions Step-By-Step

With using a stand mixer, add the cream cheese, softened butter, and the 1 cup of granulated sugar. Mix on medium speed until well blended.
Add the flour a cup at a time, mixing until evenly incorporated. Remove dough from mixer and press it into a ball. Wrap in plastic and allow to rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Sprinkle some powdered sugar on a smooth countertop or pastry board and roll dough out to approx 1/4 inch thick sheets. Cut the dough into 2-inch circles. Reroll excess dough as needed.
Place 1 teaspoonful of jam or preserves in the center of circle. Wet the cookie edges around the jam or preserves with your finger. Then place a second circle over the jam or preserves and firmly press down around the edges to encompass the jam or preserves. Take a fork and go all around the edge to seal jam or preserves in tightly (like you would for a pie crust). Repeat this process until you have used up all the dough.
Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 8-10 minutes, or until cookies begin to brown.
Remove from oven and place onto cookie rack. If desired, dust cookies with powdered sugar.
These cookies keep well in the freezer for long term storage. However, they should be stored in a airtight container in the refrigerator when completely cooled.
Enjoy! :-)

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Cookies
Main Ingredient: Flour
Regional Style: Hungarian