Raspberry Linzer Cookie Cups

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Serves: 4 dozen
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1 1/2 c unsalted butter
1 c confectioners' sugar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
3 c plus 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
1 1/2 c toasted pecans (ground finely in food processor)
red raspberry jam with seeds

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Annamaria's notes for this recipe:
I love Raspberry Linzer cookies but I can't stand cookie cutting even though they look so pretty. I love this cookie because it takes all the taste of the linzer cookie without all the work! I top off these cookies with powdered sugar before serving or gifting and serve on a platter, they also make a great gift and taste soooo good!
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Finely grind/chop the toasted pecans in your food processor. In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat the butter and ground pecans on medium speed until very soft and light, about 3 minutes. Beat in the confectioners sugar and vanilla extract until well combined. Scrape down the sides of your bowl and add the dry ingredients. Beat for about 30 seconds, or until well combined (dough will pull away from the sides of the bowl).
Roll the dough into 1" balls and place in an UNgreased miniature cupcake pan. Find something in your kitchen that is the same diameter as the cupcake hole, and press gently down on each ball to make an indentation.
Place a rounded half teaspoon of raspberry jam in each depression and bake at 350F for 20 minutes. The jam will melt and spread out evently.
Keep the baked cookies IN the pan, but on a cooling rack for TEN MINUTES. After 10 minutes, you will be able to VERY GENTLY lift the cookie cups out of the pan. You can use the tip of a knife to help, but it shouldn't be necessary...just lift with a steady, gentle pressure and they will pop out. I've also had luck turning the pan upside down on a soft towel and tapping it gently...they should pop out.

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user Maryann Brooklyn MaryannD - Apr 13, 2011
WOW!!! These would be great to make on Easter!
user Annamaria Settanni McDonald ArtByASM - Apr 13, 2011
Let me know if you try them and how they turned out for you! Have a Happy Easter!
user Maryann Brooklyn MaryannD - Apr 13, 2011
I will let you know for sure!
Happy Easter to you and your loved ones as well sweetie!
user kim dorio kimandcarmino629 - Apr 14, 2011
i am allergic to rasberries,can i use another flavor?
user Annamaria Settanni McDonald ArtByASM - Apr 14, 2011
Yes you can use any preserves or jam you like. Make it your own! =)

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