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I have had this COOKIE TREE KIT since 1994 and have made 4-5 cookie trees, thru the years.
Also many different sized star cookies and cookie ornaments.
It make one of the greatest tree gifts for family and friends.
It is always appreciated..trouble is no one wants to eat it!!
It is so beautiful!
It truely makes a lovely presentation, and fun to make.
I believe Wilson sell the kit.
Or try E-Bay.
Mine was a gift from a cousin.

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Family & guests
20 Min


wilton cookie tree kit with instructions...or
of your favorite rolled cookie dough, for cutting stars out
favorite icing recipe, decoratons etc.


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1If you do not have this kit. You can improvise...cut your own stars and make what ever size and height you want.
Have fun....let the children help!
Cookie star oranments. decorate as you please..a red ribbon to hang ornament on your tree.
If you need more info..send me a comment...please.

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2COOKIE cutters.
Cut out cardboard stars..use to cut out stars of cookie dough....Bake.
Start your tree,the largest on the bottom..make as high as you want....Decorate to your taste.

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3Snow capped tree.
Green frosted stars,
with white (snow) tips.

All white tree. White frosting,
with white sparkles sprinkles.

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4Sandwich (cookie) tree, with cranberries.
Make two stars the same size,fill with a cranberrie make a sandwich from cookie dough.

Center...Star studded gingerbread tree.
Use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe,
and red dots.

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5Crispy cereal star tree.
Use your favorite rice cereal treat recipe,
and rainbow nonpareil sprinkles.

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