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By Carole F BakersQueen

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What a unique way of making cookies..yes, you use a wooden clothes pin! These little delicate cookies can be filled with filling of choice, and are perfect for a woman's luncheon/showers or Tea party. I loved how fun these were to would enjoy this as well..they would get a kick out of watching cookies bake in an oven on a clothes that would give them something to talk about at school!! Enjoy!

Also, I tried to load pictures next to the directions below for some reason my computer today is so slow and wouldn't load them that way, so I opted to post them under the main pic!

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wooden round clothes pins...i got a package of 50...
2 stick
margarine, room temp
1/2 c
cold water
1 Tbsp
1/2 Tbsp
sugar, granulated
egg yolk
1/2 tsp
butter flavoring
2 1/4 c
1/4 c
salted butter, room temp
1/4 c
unsalted butter, room temp
1/2 c
1/2 tsp
butter flavoring
1/2 Tbsp
vanilla extract
2 c
confectioner's sugar
2-3 Tbsp
jam, any flavor
whipping cream
mousse..but serve right away if you use may soften the dough to much if sets to long

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 375..if using a dark cookie sheet bake at 370. Do not grease cookie sheets. Prepare your clothes pins having them handy once you roll out the dough and cut it to place on the pins.
Place margarine, crisco, egg yolk, butter flavoring and flour into a food processor. Pulse until well combined. Slowly add water until blended well and dough forms a ball in the bowl. Remove dough from processor.
**I don't have a food processor so I cut in the butter and shortening into the flour mixture with a butter knife, just as I do for my pie crust..then I used a large serving fork to mix when adding the water to form a ball.
Once dough is combined well and you have made it into a ball, flatten it some and then cut into quarters...wrapping them each and placing them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Now remove from freezer and place in fridge...using ONE quarter at a time while leaving the rest in the fridge..take a floured pie crust mat, or a floured area on your counter top..Flour it well, the dough wants to stick, so be careful as you roll it out with a rolling pin. Roll your dough out into a rectangle if possible making it about 1/8 inch thick..and then cut your strips about 3/4 inch wide by 4 inches take your clothes pin and wrap the dough around the shown in picture here.
Place seam side down on the cookie sheet and bake for 9-10 minutes, watching carefully. YOu want the bottom of the cookie to be golden.
Remove from cookie sheet and CAREFULLY remove the spiral cookie from the clothes may seem delicate and difficult at first, but it gets easier as you go along. The clothes pins are please be careful. Allow the cookies to cool completely before filling with buttercream!!
BUTTERCREAM FROSTING: Cream butter, shortening, vanilla extract, and butter flavoring with a hand mixer until light and fluffy. Now add confectioners sugar and adding 1 T. of milk at a time until buttercream is light and ready to fill cookies. At this point use your judgement as to whether or not you need more milk or more confectioners sugar...
Once cookies are completely cooled..take a decorator's bag or plastic bag and fill with butter cream frosting and insert into end of cookie spiral and fill. Once filled sprinkle with confectioners sugar.
You can use your own ideas as far as filling them with some of the suggestions I gave above...I did do the buttercream and used a small amount of food coloring to make pink, greeen, yellow and then also add seedless raspberry jam for some. Have fun with this..but remember these are very delicate, so don't use a heavy filling..

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Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011
Feb 15, 2012
Awesome recipe Lynn!! I see blue ribbon all over this one!!!
Karla Everett Karla59
Feb 15, 2012
I do too , what a great idea and they are so cute too...saved
Bea L. BeachChic
Feb 15, 2012
Way way cool, Lynn!
Aurora McBee aurora
Feb 15, 2012
Lynn, these are so cute!! These look like a winner to me! Round clothespins are on my shopping list!!
Kimi Gaines kimijo
Feb 15, 2012
I love are right these are beautiful!!
Carole F BakersQueen
Feb 15, 2012
Thanks Ladies! These were so cool to make, and you can add various fillings...they are really yummy. Even my hubby loved them and took a plate to his MAN! They are small, but worth making.
Feb 15, 2012 - Carole F shared a photo of this recipe. View photo
Straws Kitchen CinCooks
Feb 15, 2012
precious are sure right, they would be great for a shower, tea or a luncheon.
Jan W Neeniejan
Feb 17, 2012
Lynn, these are awesome! I make the little ladylocks like this but instead of clothespins, I bought wooden dowel rods at the lumber yard, 1/4"-1/2" diameter, then I cut into 18" lengths. I greased them good w/Crisco and baked them to season...then I wrap my dough spaced out the length of the rod. When baked, I just have to simply push them off!
Carole F BakersQueen
Feb 17, 2012
Jan, that is basically what I do with the clothes pins(only making one cookie per clothes pin, it is so cool to see clothes pins in your you don't have to grease it..the clothes pins get seasoned as you go. The cookie slid right off with no problem even the first time I made them. I love the clothes pin idea because it is so unusual. They also sell metal rods that you can buy to make this cookie..!:) For $4.99 I got a bag of 50 clothes pins, and that is plenty for what this recipe makes..

And ladies do try husband ate most of the batch I made..he said they were the best cookie he has ever eaten...he loved the buttercream filling. It will make well over 100 of these delicate cookies with just one batch. It takes a little time and work, but I think you will be pleased with the outcome.

Also, if you didn't want filling in them..I would brush on melted butter on the side when rolling the dough out, and sprinkle with a sugar and cinnamon mixture and wrap as directed above...that would be good too. There are so many variations you could do with this little gem of a I said, have fun with it and let the kids join in!
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Feb 18, 2012
cute and cleaver
Deneece Gursky Smokeygirlxo
Feb 21, 2012
oh wow lynn a friend of mine mentioned these a few years back, she had had them at a shower and just talked about them nonstop. however she never got the recipe. so i have heard of them but never have i seen them and wow very impressive. just a beautiful touch for a shower or brunch etc. love the post! saving for sure!