Banana Split Dessert Cocktail

Tiffany Bannworth Recipe

By Tiffany Bannworth MissAnubis

Before I was a restaurant manager, I managed a bar at an Indian restaurant. Since the owners were unfamiliar with mix beverages, I had carte blanche to write whatever drink menu I chose. This was definitely my favorite and a best seller. I add even more cream than the recipe calls for to mine because I prefer to not taste the alcohol.

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part creme de banane
part creme de cacao, dark
part cherry cordial
parts spiced rum, dark
parts cream or milk
optional dark chocolate syrup drizzle

Directions Step-By-Step

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail mixer with ice and shake.
If making for a female, serve in a martini glass, without ice. Before pouring into glass, drip chocolate sauce on sides of martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.
If making for a male, serve strained in a highball glass over ice (fresh ice). Cherry optional.
You can make in any amount, like for a pitcher at a cocktail party, as long as recipe stays in the correct parts portions. Also, you can make ahead and refrigerate.

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