Candy Recipes

Cracker Coin Cookies Recipe

Cracker Coin Cookies

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran

These cookie cracker treats are so good you can even have your children or grand children...

Beyond Delicious Recipe

Beyond Delicious

Shelley Simpson
By Shelley Simpson

This is: "The Ghost Whisperer's Cookbook". Written by Mary Ann Winkowski and David Powers."Evidently, someone's grandmother...

Christmas Fudge Recipe

Christmas Fudge

Dianne Hocut
By Dianne Hocut

Perfect fudge every time, just don't forget to use the candy thermometer! If you overcook, the...

Crockpot Christmas Crack Recipe

Crockpot Christmas Crack

Angie Webb
By Angie Webb

This is one of the easiest recipes that I make during the holiday season, and everyone...

Time To See A Dentist SNICKER BARS Recipe

Time To See A Dentist "SNICKER BARS"

Melanie Campbell
By Melanie Campbell

So if you ask me, there is nothing better than most gooey, indulgent, pull-out-the-fat-pants recipe. I...

Chocolate Leaves Recipe

Chocolate Leaves

Colleen Sowa
By Colleen Sowa

This is a beautiful and tasty garnish for desserts. *** Use any left over chocolate up by...