Salted Chocolate Toffee Bars

Fran Miller


Another quick recipe for a tasty treat, especially when you're craving chocolate & salt together! Experiment with different toppings, if you like. Your kitchen should be your lab! Now, if I could just find Igor to clean up these dishes... =^..^=

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24 generous servings


15 Min


10 Min




long graham crackers
8 oz
bag of toffee bits
1 c
chopped walnuts or pecans, optional
2 stick
unsalted butter
1/2 c
white sugar
1 c
chocolate chips (or more, if you like)
3/4 tsp
coarse salt


1/2 c
dry rice krispies (use more if you're not using nuts)
1/2 c
raisins or crasins
1 c
butterscotch chips, in place of the chocolate chips, or half & half

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cover a cooking sheet with aluminum foil. Place graham crackers in a layer on the sheet, without overlapping. (They should fit perfectly, but you might have to turn some of them sideways.) NOTE: If you break the crackers into squares at this point, it will make it easier to cut them later. I figured this out AFTER I made them. =^..^=
Sprinkle the graham crackers with toffee bits...
...then nuts. (This is when you could also sprinkle a few Rice Krispies, too, if you want.)
In a small pan, melt butter & sugar together over medium-high heat, NOT STIRRING. (This is important!) You can swirl the mixture in the pan occasionally. When the mixture starts to boil, REDUCE heat and cook at a rapid simmer for 2 minutes, swirling occasionally.
Once the butter & sugar mixture is syrupy, remove from the heat and immediately pour over the graham crackers.
Bake in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, until the syrup is bubbling.
Remove the pan from the oven & place on a wire rack. Immediately sprinkle chocolate chips (and/or butterscotch chips) over the graham crackers. (NOTE: I used the entire bag of chocolate chips but it was, and I don't say this often, too much chocolate for me. So I've listed a smaller amount in the ingredients section. But suit yourself, as I always encourage!)
NOTE: You can leave the chocolate chips as they are or spread the chocolate with a knife, if you want, after waiting a few minutes until the chocolate chips soften. You could also add the raisins or craisins before spreading the chips.
Sprinkle with coarse salt. (I actually do this with my fingers to make sure it all doesn't end up in one spot!) It doesn't take much!
Cut the bars into 2 inch squares with a pizza cutter or sharp knife. If you broke the graham crackers up into squares early, this will be REALLY easy!
Cool completely on the cookie sheet, but I usually put them in the refrigerator to set the chocolate once they finally cool enough to do so.
Carefully peel the aluminum foil from the backs of the bars. (Don't ask me how I know this!) Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

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