Pinwheel Peanut Butter Candy

Vanessa Robertson Recipe

By Vanessa Robertson vcrobertson

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My great aunt used to make this years ago and I remember eating it as a child and thinking that it was the most heavenly stuff ever! After trying several different recipes (many of them requiring that the outer part be a divinity), I think I finally found a recipe that tastes the same, but it is MUCH easier and much less messy!

pinch tips: How to Cook an Over Easy Egg


2 lb
powdered sugar
6 Tbsp
melted butter
1 Tbsp
1/2 c
peanut butter

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix all ingredients together (except for the peanut butter). The consistency should be that of a pie dough. Separate the dough into four parts.
Cover your pastry board with a small amount of powdered sugar to help with rolling the dough. Roll the dough out like a pie crust. I roll mine into a rectangle. Do not roll out too thin.
Spread as much peanut butter out onto the flattened dough as you want (I just use enough to cover it thoroughly). Then roll the dough up like you would a jelly roll. Refrigerate and then cut into slices. ENJOY!

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Course/Dish: Candies
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Karla Everett Karla59
Dec 5, 2011
Sounds yummy , this is just like potato candy but you don't have the mashed potatoes in the recipe. :D
Angela Gray angiemath
Dec 7, 2011
Love this, saved !
Sharon Murray smurray001
Dec 24, 2011
I always do mine the hard way lol, whisking up egg whites and mixing with powdered sugar... I am going to try this way right now and can't wait to see how it turns it out :)
Sharon Murray smurray001
Dec 25, 2011
Turned out great!!! Thanks for the recipe! :)
Elaine Aspinwall jade1955
Nov 20, 2013
I'm going to try this but I'm confused is the dough raw ? Anyway won't hurt to try
Sandra Garrett Sandysews
Nov 21, 2013
This sounds like my Grandma's potato candy....but I have never been able to make mashed potatoes get soupy..maybe I can do this one!
Sarah Carter SBC1978
Nov 22, 2013
It's even better with cream cheese! Well, if you like cream cheese that is, but give it a try! It won't let you down!! :D
Nov 24, 2013
cream cheese, really ? How much wanna try that!!
Darlene Stinson oletimecookin
Nov 25, 2013
I used to make it with a small amt. of frozen concentrated orange jc. in the pwd sugar. It is a sweet nsour treat that way. And so yummy.
Michele Riehemann Cheleann
Nov 26, 2013
Cream cheese instead of peanut butter?
angie kendrick bonfire81
Dec 14, 2013
waste of time and ingredients. has the consistency of pancake batter!:-/
Vanessa Robertson vcrobertson
Dec 14, 2013
Sorry if this didn't work for you. I will say that weather and humidity will play a part. Also, you will need to add powdered sugar (as needed) to the dough until it becomes workable.
Logan Blankenbeckler loganb26
Dec 14, 2013
This is a horrible recipe! I cut everything in half to make a smaller batch and still ended up having to use the whole 2 lbs of powdered suger, so I looked up another recipe and it says you only need 3 tbsp. of milk, not 1/2 cup! Now I have soupy milk and powdered sugar, what a waste.
Sue Treadway Gregory suegreg
Dec 15, 2013
My mom & niece made this candy but the peanut butter was on the outside and the powered sugar was on the inside. How would you make it like that? It was good.