Old Fashioned Kentucky Peanut Butter Roll

Lisa Kelly Recipe

By Lisa Kelly apronlady

30 Min
25 Min

My grown children say the holidays are just not the same if I do not make this candy. It may take a couple of times making this to master it, but friends it’s well worth it!!!!

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2 1/2 c
white sugar
1/2 c
1/2 c
corn syrup, light
1 tsp
vanilla extract
creamy peanut butter ( what do choosey mothers use?)
egg whites
powdered sugar to well coat working surface

Directions Step-By-Step

First beat the 3 egg whites until stiff.
Next prepare the surface to roll out the candy. Cover the surface with wax paper and spread a thick layer of powdered sugar.

Next mix all ingredients except vanilla, egg whites, and peanut butter in a large pot and boil. Stirring continuously, until ball forms. (Like when making fudge or candies) the ball should be hard and have a soft crack. Add vanilla.

Slowly pour the mixture over the egg whites while mixing with a blender the whole time. Continue to mix until the candy has cooled and resembles the texture of marshmallow cream.

Pour onto powdered sugar working surface and roll thin (powder sugar your roller)
Spread a thin layer of peanut butter.
Roll up and cut. (Cut the pieces using a piece of thread to keep its form and layers).

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Course/Dish: Candies

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Doris Isaacs chichiisaacstwdcom
Jan 9, 2014
My grandmother and mother made this for as long as I can remember. Now I am making it and my uncle says if the recipe doesn't turn out and if you have to eat it with a spoon bring it to me. My grnddaughter thinks we have to make many batches of this candy and the people I work with look forward to a batch every year also. Its great and make take a couple of trys but use a spoon and don't waste any of it.
Tiffany Ealy Tiffany_Ealy
Sep 10, 2015
I followed the instructions, well I thought I did, and came out with a gooey delicious mess. Lol! What did I do wrong? After I poured it onto the powdered sugar I tried to roll it and it turned into a mess. Should I have refrigerated the base and let it get cold before I tried the peanut butter and the rolling?