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By Ann McCue salsaqueen

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Ann's Story

Have been making this candy for years. everyone waits every christmas to get some.
I saw a few recipes on the site that are the same but just a bit different so I thought I would post mine too.
Hope you like it as much as I do!!


1 c
1 c
dark karo syrup
1 Tbsp
white vinegar
1 Tbsp
baking soda
your favorite dipping chocolate (i use ghirardelli 2.5lb chocolate dipping bar. i always get it at sams club before the holiday season in early november)

Directions Step-By-Step

combine sugar, karo syrup and vinegar in a heavy sauce pan
on med high heat. stir until sugar is disolved then quit stiring
cook until reaches 300 degrees on candy thermometer
remove from heat and add baking soda
Stir quickly, it will start foaming
when soda is mixed in and candy is nice and foamy,(this only takes 30 seconds or so), slowly pour onto slightly buttered pan.
DO NOT SPREAD you want it high so pour in one place, it will spread out slightly by itself
wait a few hours for it to cool then place a knife in it and break it int desired size pieces
dip in chocolate to coat and place on wax paper until set.

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Course/Dish: Candies, Other Snacks

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    Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011 - Dec 21, 2011
    A save for me Ann....looks blue ribbon to me...yum!
  • user
    Aurora McBee aurora - Dec 21, 2011
    Awesome!! This looks great!
  • user
    Carole F BakersQueen - Dec 21, 2011
    Isn't this also called Seafoam or Sponge candy? Wendy Rusch posted a recipe like this about two weeks ago...both of you have done a fabulous job, can't wait to try the recipes. I've got so many on my list that I want to, who am I kidding, I will never be able to fit them all in for Christmas. This one is going to be for a rainy day...hubby will love it!
  • user
    Ann McCue salsaqueen - Dec 21, 2011
    Thanks Diane, Aurora and Lynn!!!1
    Yes lynn Wendy has sponge candy posted. It is the same, although our recipes are slightly different. Wendys calls for light corn syrup and molasses. Which also sound wonderful!!!! But yes it is the best candy!!! I have made 3 batches so far in the last week!!! Everyone wants some. I can't get away with not making it at xmas!!!
  • user
    Wendy Rusch snooksk9 - Dec 21, 2011
    OMGosh Ann...I know, EVERYONE wants it! I even have to ship some to NV to an ex sister in But happy to do it!!! AND its so addicting once ya start, ya don't stop until your mouth hurts! lol lol Happy Day Ann!!!