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3 pkg hershey's milk chocolate candy bars (6 pack, 9.3 ounces)
1 pkg reese's peanut butter cups (miniatures, 19.75 ounces)
1 pkg twizzlers pull 'n' peel candy (14 ounces)
1 pkg chocolate almond bark (14 ounces)
2 pkg wilton lollipop sticks (50 - 4-inch sticks)
1 pkg mainstays bamboo skewers (100-pack)
2 pkg wilton treat bags (50 - 3x4-inch bags) (this size bag just barely works... i think a little larger bag would be safer to the hats and make it a bit quicker to bag up...)
clear tape, or curling ribbon, or anything else you desire to secure the bags closed

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Colleen's notes for this recipe:
These delightful and edible Graduation Caps have been a favorite of ours for years... We started making them before there were mini peanut butter cups... the mini ones are much nicer.

We use them to decorate cakes, put trays of them out on the sweet table, decorate with them, use as party favors.....

But our favorite thing to do is make them up and put in vases and give as gifts to special graduates... it is unique and fun! *** Sometimes we add a couple balloons... but the vases of Graduation Caps make a very nice and much welcomed gift!
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Melt the chocolate almond bark in a double boiler.

Peel all wrappers off of the miniature peanut butter cups.

Unwrap the Hershey's chocolate bars, carefully snap them off into 2 section squares (one candy bar will make 4 squares and there will be a row left over to save for future uses.... or nibble away now!)
Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

Place the Hershey's chocolate squares flat side down on the wax paper.

Dip the bottom of a peanut butter cup into the chocolate bark, set it onto a Hershey's square.

Repeat this process until all are done. Let them set to harden.
Turn each of the candies over with the flat side of the Chocolate square on top and the peanut butter cup on the bottom.
Cut the Twizzlers into desired length to form tassels for the Graduation Caps (1-1/2 inches). Pull the strands apart.

Dip the tips of the Twizzlers into the chocolate bark and place onto the top of the Graduation Caps.

Repeat until all are done. Let sit to allow chocolate bark to harden.
Either use the Wilton Lollipop Sticks or the Mainstays Bamboo Skewers as the sticks.... (if using skewers, use the flat end to poke into candy... and use the pointed end to put in arrangements)

Put the stick of choice into the peanut butter cup part of the Graduation Cap.

Take a Wilton's Treat Bag and put the Graduation Cap inside.

At this point, you can use clear tape, curling ribbon or other devise to secure the bag closed.

Repeat until all are done.
*** These can be used as a decoration on a food table, as a party favor, or as a graduation gift! My photos show some possibilities,

*** Plastic Vases, rocks, marbles and paper grass. (all from dollar store ... rocks from hardware store).

*** We make the vases up for a graduate, put in the Graduation Caps (as in photo), we present this to the graduate instead of roses... sometimes we add a couple balloons.

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user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Mar 24, 2011
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user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Mar 24, 2011
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user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Mar 24, 2011
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user bev snee 1234567 - Mar 24, 2011
Oh thamks Colleen. My daughter is graduating from 8th grade this year. I am going to make these and give them out to her and her friends. I had made the cake balls at Christmas and they loved them. Instead of a birthday cake for her birthday last month she wanted cake balls again. Lucky me they were red velvet and that is too sweet for me so I lucked out with the added poundage! I'll take a picture and show you when I make them. xxxooo

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