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Easy Peanut Butter Cups

By Marcia McCance mmccance

Recipe Rating:
from 24 to 48 - depends on size of candy cups and how much chocolate you buy
Cooking Method:
Stove Top

Marcia's Story

My sister, Susan Stevens, is very creative. She has won a few national contests for her amazing crocheted afghans and she made up this candy recipe, too.

She taught me how to do it many years ago and I agree with her, that if you try one, you'll never go back to those famous store bought ones!!

Over the years I have made and shared them at Christmas time and most everybody raves about them. They really are excellent and you won't believe how easy they are to make!!


1 pkg
(about 30) paper or foil candy cups (1-1/4 inch diameter base. 3/4 inch wall ) opened and spread out on:
large cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil
1 pkg
butterscotch chips
1 small
jar peanut butter (any kind)
1 pkg
milk chocolate chips

Directions Step-By-Step

NOTE: EQUAL PORTIONS -- You can purchase the large bags of morsels/chips or the small bags. Just make sure they are the same size. I just eye-ball the jar of peanut butter (either chunky or smooth, your choice), getting one that is a similar volume as one bag of morsels that I've purchased. I buy one individual package of holly candy cups at the grocery store and it always has been enough for about two batches.
After you have lined the 2 cookie sheets with aluminum foil (easy clean up) and spread out enough paper candy liners to fill the cookie sheet set them aside.
I have never owned a double boiler so I simply dump the butterscotch morsels in a 1 qt sauce pan and place on low heat to melt. Be careful. They melt quickly so you must stir constantly and watch that you do not do more than simply MELT them.
As soon as you see the last chip disappear into the liquid in the pan, remove from heat and put in an equal portion of peanut butter and stir to incorporate.
Quickly start dropping dollops into the candy cups, filling about 2/3 full. (If you give a small vertical "shake" to the spoon as you drop them in, they will spread out over the entire paper candy cup and flatten out.)
Use the same process as described above to melt the chocolate and then cover each candy cup with the chocolate to both cover and seal the bottom peanut butter layer. Do not do the "shake" with the chocolate if you like the little soft peak it forms. I think it makes them pretty.
When finished let them sit at room temperature until they firm up. This does not take much time. By the time you have the pans washed and the kitchen cleaned up you will be able to test your handy work.
Store in airtight containers with layers of waxed paper between. They do not need to be refrigerated and will last at least two weeks -- or until they are gone -- which is what usually happens to them. They are, of course, better if eaten when freshly made, but they are still very good even after some time has passed so you can make them a few days before you need them and have them ready.
NOTE: I don't bother with putting chocolate in the bottom of the cups. I never saw the need to add a third step that is not really necessary. This recipe will not fall apart when it comes out of the paper cup.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Candies, Chocolate, Other Snacks
Main Ingredient: Sugar
Regional Style: American
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Marcia McCance mmccance
Jan 16, 2013
So glad it was a success for you, Nithiya!! Hope your friends like them, too! Blessings!!
Nithiya Sabapathy Sherstha
Jan 15, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Nithiya Sabapathy Sherstha
Jan 15, 2013
Hi Marcia,
I really enjoyed making them and they were brilliant. I'm going to make them again this weekend for my friends. I'm so glad to hear that. Thanks Marcia.
Marcia McCance mmccance
Jan 15, 2013
Thanks Nithiya, I hope you have fun making them and really enjoy the treat, also. I've been really enjoying reading your recipes because they are so different from what I am accustomed to. Thanks for posting them. Blessings!!
Nithiya Sabapathy Sherstha
Jan 15, 2013
Gonna try this recipe today. Thanks for sharing.