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ALINE'S favorite Wet Coconut Cake

By April Hatmaker Aprilhatmaker

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April's Story

This was my mamaw Aline's favorite, my mom made it every time they were coming in to visit. OR for any dinner event she was coming to, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, her birthday especially. My mamaw is gone now 9 years from us, its been hard since it was sudden. I Miss her so very much, But enjoy remembering her in the things she loved most. Like Yard sales, shopping, flower gardens, most of all her family, company. This cake takes me to great memories, and my taste buds enjoy the trip as well. I hope you love it as much as my family has, does.


1 can(s)
can of cream of coconut : can be found ususally around the mixed drink area/items in your store along with the coconut milk or in your baking section depending on your store.
1 can(s)
can of coconut milk, unsweetened
1 box
box white cake mix any brand.
1, 1/2 c
sweetened coconut flakes or more to your liking, 1/2 cup is if you desire to toast some for the top accent.
1 pkg
thawed whipped topping
1/ plastic straw to make holes in cake.
mixing bowl, whisk, spatula/spoon
electric, or stand mixer : if you desire to use
2 Tbsp
coconut extract or less as you desire. i find 2 is perfect for our liking.
1 c
whipped fluffy cake frosting, white : note ****(if you desire the sweeter frosting topping only) you do not need this one to make the regular wet coconut cake)*****
cap of vanilla extract: or to your liking.

Directions Step-By-Step

Make cake to box directions, I like to add one cap full of vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoons coconut. BUT you can use just the vanilla or almond extract or both to the cake batter.
after cake is done and cooled, use straw (what we always used) or use a kabob stick etc. Take the straw, poke it, make holes all over cake. In mixing bowl add the can of cream of coconut, coconut milk mix well with wisk. or electric beater, stand mixer which ever you are using or prefer to use. ****Remember to reserve about 3 tbsps or up to 1/4 of a cup, as you desire of this mixture to add in for topping.
Then proceed to pour this mixture SLOWLY over the cake evenly ensuring it soaks in every part of the cake. I then take a spatula or spoon and scoop up any leftover thats near sides, re pour over cake, YOU need to allow time to soak in, 5/10 mins at least. to ensure its all soaked in. After all its called a WET COCONUT CAKE> :)
Once the milk mixture has soaked in well proceed to use the Reserved amount of coconut cream/milk mixture, add well with the whipped topping, and a half cup of sweetened coconut to a cup to your desire, mix this well with wisk or spoon, or whatever your using. Then proceed to spoon onto cake in a even layer and to top and sides. lastly top the cake with the toasted sweetened coconut flakes... EAT, ENJOY!!!!
**** ( IF YOU DESIRE A SWEETER TOPPING ADD the 1 cup of whipped fluffy white frosting) we like it a bit sweeter sometimes so we tried diff things, liked adding this, but you DO NOT HAVE TO****
This cake gets better over time, and has to be covered, refrigerated to keep. Will last a few days if kept properly, BUT there is not many left overs when i make this cake to last that long.
again this was my grandmothers favorite cake ever. so i wanted to share with all of you.

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April Hatmaker Aprilhatmaker
May 15, 2013
Cyndi, how did you like the cake?? thanks let me know
April Hatmaker Aprilhatmaker
May 12, 2013
Stephanie, betty... Just wondering if you have done this cake again, how id turned out, how you liked it, let me know. Thanks so much
April Hatmaker Aprilhatmaker
Nov 28, 2012
How'd it turn out betty? Hope they enjoyed it...my mom always did whipped topping mixed w flaked coconut n toasted ones or fresh flake on top.
Betty Sistrunk bettygs
Dec 22, 2011
I am going to make this for our Christmas dinner,but my family doesn't like a lot of icing ,so i;m making a glazed icing to pour over it and sprinkling the coconut over that..hope it turns out well. If anyone has any suggestions for me,please send them .Thanks,Betty
April Hatmaker Aprilhatmaker
Sep 7, 2011
glad its a hit :) love it when ppl like, love my cooking, it makes me feel like a million bucks. Yea sounds like the stove my mom has on 200 you can burn a cake I dont k why but it does. Well good luck with school, your new job. When you do it again please post a pic of it id love to see it.. I cant rem to post one on here :) Cant wait to see how you like it this time.