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Another hoilday favorite. This is one of my favorite christmas Memories, My Aunt Glenda would make this every year. She would send us out to the woods in Arkansas to get the pecans, and we would sit on the porch and crack them while singing Christmas Carols.


1 c
2/3 c
pumpkin puree
1 tsp
lemon juice
3/4 c
all purpose flour
1 tsp
baking powder
2 tsp
ground cinnamon
1 tsp
ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp
1 c
chopped pecans or walnuts
1 c
confectioners' sugar
4 Tbsp
butter, softened
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8 ounce cream cheese
1/2 tsp
vanilla extract

Directions Step-By-Step

PREHEAT OVEN TO 375 DEGREES: In large bowl, beat eggs for five minutes. Gradually add sugar. Stir in pumpkin and lemon juice. Fold in dry ingredients and spices. Put in greased and floured jelly roll or sheet pan and sprinkle with chopped pecans over the top. Bake for 15 minutes.
While cake bakes,combine confectioner's sugar,butter,cream cheese,and vanilla in a large bowl. Mix until smooth.
When cake is finished baking, turn out onto a clean towel which has been dusted with confectioner's sugar. Quickly roll up and cool completly. When cake is completly cooled, unroll and spread with cream cheese mixture all the way, leaving 1/4 inch unfrosted on all sides. Re-roll without towel and sprinkle with more confectioner's sugar. MUST BE KEPT REFRIDGEATED.

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Course/Dish: Cakes

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    Susan Reeves Streeves1 - Apr 24, 2012
    I have made this exact recipe from another site and it is to die for! This freezes well for 3 months. You can slice off what you need from the frozen cake and let sit at room temp for about 30 minutes.
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    Jean Campbell gwashington1961 - Apr 25, 2012
    What a wonderful recipe and set of instructions for the Pumpkin Roll-Up. I've seen it created on several cooking shows, yet this is the first time I've seen the actual recipe, etc. Thanks so much for posting it! I'm putting it in my recipe box for 'to be tried' and used soon. We like pumpkin so much in our family, this will certainly be created for a Special Celebration Day!
    Thanks for posting it here in JAP. LOL :-)