How To Bake A Cake (humorous)

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Anyone who has children will appreciate this.
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Preheat oven, get out bowl, spoons and ingredients for cake. Remove 18 blocks and 7 toy cars from kitchen table. Measure 2 cups flour; remove Johnny's hands from flour and wash the flour off Johnny. Put flour, baking powder and salt in sifter. Get dustpan and sweep up pieces of bowl Johnny knocked off table and onto floor.
Get another bowl. Answer doorbell. Return to kitchen. Remove Johnny's hands from bowl. Get out egg. Answer phone. Return. Take out greased pan; remove 1/2 inch salt from pan. Look for Johnny. Return to kitchen, find Johnny. Remove his hands from bowl, wash shortning, etc., off him.
Take greased pan, find 1/4 inch layer of nutshells in it. Head for Johnny who flees, knocking bowl off table. Sweep and wash kitchen floor. Wash table. Wash walls. Wash dishes. Find Johnny. Wash Johnny.
Put Johnny down for a nap. Call bakery. Lie Down.

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user Lori-Jo Wahl coolnana - Jun 26, 2012
Awesome! I just had to share this...
user Diane Stine dstine - Jun 26, 2012
I'm so glad you liked it..
user Lori-Jo Wahl coolnana - Jun 26, 2012
thank you for sharing it
user bev snee 1234567 - Jun 26, 2012
This is so true.
user Trish Harley Trishypoo - Jun 26, 2012
I love it

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