Easy No- Bake Watermelon Cake

Cammie Barker Recipe

By Cammie Barker Cammie7

This is another recipe I got from woman's World Magazine

This is so easy and so yummo

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1 navel orange , zested, juiced & divided
1 container ( 8oz ) cool whip
1 large whole watermelon, rind removed
1 pint blueberries
4 kiwifurit, peeled & sliced
1 cup sliced strawberries


In bowl, whisk together 1 Tbs orange zest & cool whip; set aside. Cut center of melon into three 8" rounds, each 1" think
Brush melon rounds with orange juice. Place 1 round on platter;spread with 1/3 cool whip. top with 3/4 berries
Add 2nd melon round; spead with 1/2 remaining cool whip. Top with Kiwi. add remaining cool whip.
arrange remaining berries and Kiwi on top in flower pattern.