Chocolate Flan Cake

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Serves: 6-8
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Cooking Method: Bake


1 box devil's food cake mix
1 can(s) coca-cola
12 oz can evaporated mik
14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
3 eggs
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1/2 bottle (23.3 oz) cajeta or any caramel topping/sauce

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Roberta's notes for this recipe:
The cake will stay moister than most cakes you’ve ever made and you will see it separate a bit from the pan when it is done. Make sure the cake is done on the inside of the bundt pan. Bundt pan should then lift off to reveal a layer of flan, topped with caramel sitting atop a very
rich, moist chocolate cake.

Although very tempting to do this, DO NOT try to serve this before chilled completely. It falls apart, doesn't set up, makes a big mess, ect. I know this by making that mistake!

I make my cake the day before and chill overnight. When taking it somewhere I leave it in the bundt pan until we are at the place then flip it over right before serving.

I brought this to an office gathering and it was a big hit! I've never had such a big response to a recipe.
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The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for it to cool before eating it! It is simply divine... pretty as a picture when presented on a delicate cake plate. Bravo!


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user Cyndi Tilley cynditilley - May 28, 2010
This sounds really good :) I'm going to make it this weekend!
user Roberta Broussard robann - May 28, 2010
I forgot to add that Cajeta is a Mexican caramel made with goat's milk. It's really tasty but you can use any kind of caramel sauce. You would use 12oz of caramel sauce.
user Shar Whatchamacallit Leanie - Aug 17, 2010
I was wondering....could this cake be set out after chilled for any lenght of time? It sounds so good and I was wanting to take it to a gathering where it would be out for a few hours before being served..or does it need constant refrigeration ? Thanks,
user Roberta Broussard robann - Aug 17, 2010
Actually you set it out about 2 hours before serving. Guess it would depend on how hot it is. I live in TX so I don't leave it out long in 100 degree temps. I usually transport it in the bundt pan and put it in something like a cooler and place ice packs around it. Then about 2 hours before I serve it I place it on a platter and turn it over and take the bundt pan off. The only problem with that is that people will come along and dip their fingers in the caramel!
user LeeAnne MaGill bmwc - Aug 17, 2010
Congrats, Robbie!! I think I'll make this for the next get-together I go to.

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