Baby Shower "Funky Zebra" Cake ~ 3 Layers ~ 3 Flavors

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By claudine smith claudizzle

4 Hr
30 Min

This baby shower cake was made by me and my niece, made special for my daughter-in-law to be. Her color theme was hot pink, black and white. Lots of love went into this cake!

P.S. I went to my first cake decorating class last week and learned how to make the flowers. I could not wait to make the flowers for this cake. My niece and I created our own ideas and designs. The results were amazing and well worth the time!

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1 box
cake mix, white
1 box
cake mix, strawberry
1 box
cake mix, devils food
5 c
frosting, white
few dash(es)
pink food coloring (from cake store)
1 tsp
black food coloring (from cake store)
few dash(es)
almond extract
1/2 tsp
champagne flavoring (from cake store)
optional* flowers made with royal icing (make a day in advance)
optional* crawling baby, from cake store
dowel cut into 5 pieces size of middle cake
cardboard cut same size as middle cake
iridescent edible powder or glitter for flowers and cake borders

Directions Step-By-Step

Optional* Make flowers a day in advance so they can harden or use whatever decorations you prefer. I used royal icing consisting of powdered sugar, meringue powder and water and a # 104 piping tip. Pipe flowers on a piece of wax paper and place on an "empty" paper towel piece of cardbord cut in half length-wise, to let dry and harden. Results were well worth the extra work and time!
Follow the cake directions on the box. I used 3 different sized square pans. Add the champagne flavoring to the white cake mix. You will need a special cake pan to make the little blocks or just make two of the smallest size cake pan and cut one into 4 equal squares. Bake, and keep cakes cold in the refrigerator (you can do this the day before). Make up 3 batches of icing, one white, one pink and one black (add some almond extract to the black frosting). After you frost the bottom cake, mark the top of it where you want to place the middle layer, put the wooden dowels in the cake like dots on a number 5 dice, then place the cut-out cardboard on top of the bottom cake, then frost, (you will then stack the top layer on the middle layer and frost, no need to add dowels or cardboard to this piece). For the zebra design on the edges, use a number 3 tip, then flatten it by using your finger tips dipped in corn starch...this will be time consuming, but as you can see the results were amazing! Pipe little pearl beads at the bottom boarder of the pink cake with a # 3 tip. Do seashell borders on the top edges of all the cakes to match the color of each layer, use the seashell tip for the blocks also. the middle cake was frosted with small star piping (you could just frost it plain like the top and bottom layers). Use a # 3 for writing the letters on the blocks. Sprinkle with the edible iridescent powder or edible glitter after frosting. WOW!!!

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Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7
Oct 22, 2010
Way to go Claudine!!! You did a great job!
Nov 2, 2010
Great cake !! Could you please post your recipe for Royal Icing?
claudine smith claudizzle
Nov 3, 2010
Connie, here is the recipe for the royal icing used to make the flowers.

3 level tbls. Meringue Powder (you can find this at Hobby Lobby)
1 lb. sifted pure cane confectioners' sugar (4 cups)
5-6 tbls. lukewarm water

Make sure all utencils are grease free.

Place confectioners' sugar in a bowl. Stir or mix on low speed until blended. Add water and mix 7-10 minutes at low speed until icing loses its sheen. To prevent drying, be sure to cover the bowl with a damp cloth while working with icing. Don't leave it out in the air, it will harden quickly!

Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. To reuse, beat on low to restore texture.

These flowers will last months and years if kept in a closed box, keep out of sunlight. I make my flowers a week in advance so they have time to dry. Make them on a piece of wax paper and lay them on a piece of cardboard (Cut cardboard out from a paper towel holder lengthwise).
You can find some of the tools at Walmart or Hobby Lobby to make the flowers. I used a metal flower nail to make the flowers on, a tip #97 for the roses, and a tip #104 for the daisies.

I took a small cake decorating class and it was alot of fun! Good luck.
Nov 3, 2010
Thank you SO much.
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Mary Jane Garrigan/Fritz cornycook
Nov 9, 2010
Wow I'm really impressed!!! That cake was so clever!
claudine smith claudizzle
Nov 15, 2010
Thanks...I enjoyed making it for her. It looked really pretty with all of her other decorations we had for the baby shower.
Joanna Ryan joryan5869
Nov 25, 2010
this looks creative and fun to make im gonna havta make this w/ my daughter for her b-day