#Day Recipes

Macaroni & peas Recipe

Macaroni & peas

By andrea mangiero

This is a recipe that has been passed down through the generations of my family.It is...

Pink Princess Punch By freda Recipe

Pink Princess Punch By freda


Since today is The Wedding of Prince William and Kate, I felt a bit Sentimental, I...

Crisp Celery Root Radish Salad Recipe

Crisp Celery Root Radish Salad

By Monica H

My mom calls this "salatka swiateczna" ("Holy Salad"). It uses leftovers from Easter (eggs, horsedarish,...

Iced Double Mint Tea Recipe

Iced Double Mint Tea

By Kim Biegacki

I grew up drinking fresh mint teas. My Grandpa (Eugene) Campbell would grow fresh peppermint and...

Smooth Potato Salad Recipe

Smooth Potato Salad

By Monica H

I am not a huge mustard-in-salad fan, so I omit the mustard from potato salad when...

Shamrock Shake Recipe

Shamrock Shake

By Kim Biegacki

When St. Pat's Day rolls around one thing I always try and get is a McDonald's...

St. Patrick’s Day Biscuits Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day Biscuits

By Kim Biegacki

These are so adorable for a St. Patrick's day breakfast. I just had to post them....

A Favorite Meatloaf (1960) Recipe

A Favorite Meatloaf (1960)

By Diana Furman

The whole family has always loved this recipe from the 60's. Leftovers make great cold or...

Nacho Chip Dip Recipe

Nacho Chip Dip

By Shelie Gallaugher

Use to love making this for camping trips or just weekends spent home with the kids.