#Cream Recipes

Power Outage Irish Creme Recipe

Power Outage Irish Creme

By LeAnna Lyons

After making up this recipe the first time, the name "Power Outage" came to mind because...

Florentine AuGratin Recipe

Florentine AuGratin

By Nina Rosskopf

This recipe is from a popular restaurant in my city and the chef was nice enough...

Cream Scones Recipe

Cream Scones

By Susan Feliciano

I've seen several recipes for biscuits made with cream instead of shortening and milk, and was...

Vegan Tarragon Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Vegan Tarragon Alfredo Sauce

By Jo Zimny

This is quite different from regular Alfredo sauces because it has no dairy in it. I...

Bailey's Cream Recipe

Bailey's Cream

By Doreen Fish

A friend gave me this recipe about 10 years ago. I made it one Christmas to take...

Hashbrowns Au Gratin Recipe

Hashbrowns Au Gratin

By Kathy Consolino

This is a WONDERFUL recipe! We have these at every major holiday. They are so yummy!!!

Peachy Cream Pie Recipe

Peachy Cream Pie

By Kerry Newton

An old family friend used to make this pie in the 1970's. This recipe is a...

My quick and easy potatoe soup Recipe

My quick and easy potatoe soup

By Liz Teal

I have tried other potatoe soup recipes but this one is my favorite! You can use...

Roasted Corn Bisque Recipe

Roasted Corn Bisque

By Kim Biegacki

I had been searching for a Corn Bisque Soup recipe for several years and finally found...

Amazing Oreo Fudge Recipe

Amazing Oreo Fudge

By Shay Driver

I made this recipe as a fellowship hour treat for my church, as well as for...