#Corn Recipes

White Chicken Chili Recipe

White Chicken Chili

By Kim Biegacki

Kim Biegacki

This is my all time favorite chili to make and I really didn't have a recipe...

Fresh Corn Salad Recipe

Fresh Corn Salad

By Brenda Agar

Brenda Agar

My daughter-in-law found this wonderful salad and tweaked it a bit, then I tweaked...

Mexican Corn Soup Recipe

Mexican Corn Soup

By Wanda Grundmann

Wanda Grundmann

So quick. So easy. So delicious. Nuff said !! Be prepared to hear a lot of "Ummmm's"...

~ Comforting Kielbasa Chowder ~ Recipe

~ Comforting Kielbasa Chowder ~

By Cassie *

Cassie *

This chowder is delicious! A great soup for lunch or hearty enough for dinner. My family...