#Cool Recipes

Caterers' Pineapple Cake Recipe

Caterers' Pineapple Cake

By Dawn Parks
Absolutely the best Pineapple cake I have ever eaten.....This recipe was handed down from 3 generations...

Cool Tropical Coconut Dessert Recipe

Cool Tropical Coconut Dessert

By Pat Duran
This has been a favorite- way back to my Tupperware Party days- remember this one ladies-...

Mandarin Salad Recipe

Mandarin Salad

By Elva Miller
This recipe has been served at every party and/or holiday meal at our house for probably...

Banana Split Pie Recipe

Banana Split Pie

By Mary Ortiz
I made a million dollar pie,Banana bread and mexican wedding cookies for our Christmas dessert. As...

Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Peanut Butter Pie

By Mary R Morris
I started out making this pie for my husband as he brought home a recipe,all most...

Easy Cool Whip Frosting Recipe

Easy Cool Whip Frosting

By Cristen Hamby
Delicious frosting that takes less than 5 minutes! What could be better? The Cool Whip gives...

Spicy Tomatoes Recipe

spicy tomatoes

By nellie rickey
I got this recipe from a church cookbook many years back..It is such a good pot...