#Coffee Recipes

15 Calorie Frappuccino...Really! Recipe

15 Calorie Frappuccino...Really!

By Paula Reynolds

I've been experimenting with various combinations to create a low calorie, home made frappuccino and I...

Coffee Shake Recipe

Coffee Shake

By S I

Another JAP "orphan" recipe that I adopted/claimed. Will post a picture soon.

Cappuccino Truffles Recipe

Cappuccino Truffles

By Carol Junkins

Truffles??? Whats not to like? With Brandy extract and orange peel with marshmallow cream no one could...

Tirimisu Trifle Recipe

Tirimisu Trifle

By colleen gilbert

Tirimisu is one of my favorite desserts. This is an easy version and gets rave reviews! If...

shatner's cappuccino muffins Recipe

shatner's cappuccino muffins

By c g

found this years ago on my first internet cooking trip. i have tried several but these...



By Eddie Jordan

When you want a breakfast that is filling and good for you, try this Morning Glory...

Danish Coffee Recipe

Danish Coffee

By Donna Thiemann

Who would not want to wake up to the rich smell of this treat. Serve with...

coffee and cream muffins Recipe

coffee and cream muffins

By c g

my love of coffee goes way back so i am always trying new recipes. these have...