#Coconut Recipes

Banana Pudding Torte Recipe

Banana Pudding Torte

By Tammy Raynes

Tammy Raynes

Every Southerner knows that Banana Pudding is a staple in your home on Sunday's. There are...

Banana Split Cheesecake Recipe

Banana Split Cheesecake

By Brenda Newton

Brenda Newton

This looks like it would be a high calorie pie and one that goes quickly. It...

Barney Google cake Recipe

Barney Google cake

By Doreen Fish

Doreen Fish

From an old friend from about 15 years ago.... So delicious and also one you can customize...

Beer battered coconut shrimp Recipe

Beer battered coconut shrimp

By sherry monfils

sherry monfils

These crunchy, tasty shrimp go with a variety of dippins, I usually serve w/ a sweet...

Berry Blue Coconut Cake Recipe

Berry Blue Coconut Cake

By Jammie Gogel

Jammie Gogel

This cake is inspired by my nephew buddy who helps alot with the baking & then...