#Coconut Recipes

Cajun Cake Recipe

Cajun Cake

By Judy Kirkham
great, very moist cake. potluck fav. hope u like it. I will post two versions,...

Candy Bar Pie Recipe

Candy Bar Pie

By Jolayne Cooper
I saw this recipe in a cooking magazine called "Cuisine at home." It looked so...

Candy Corn Magic Bars Recipe

Candy Corn Magic Bars

These magic bars are way too good. Addicting, even. The candy corn is so pretty on...

Cappuccino Truffles Recipe

Cappuccino Truffles

By Carol Junkins
Truffles??? Whats not to like? With Brandy extract and orange peel with marshmallow cream no one could...

Captain Jack's Coconut Muffins Recipe

Captain Jack's Coconut Muffins

By chris elizondo
A coconut muffin that any self-respecting pirate would be proud of ..and we found out what...

Caramel-coconut Bonbons Recipe

Caramel-Coconut Bonbons

By Brinn Bullough
This is a dessert I came to love while living in Argentina. These delicious no-bake cookies...

Carmel Heavenlies Recipe

Carmel Heavenlies

By Amy Alusa
This is a delightful special occasion cookie. The recipe was given to me by my good...

Carrot  Coconut Cookies Recipe

Carrot Coconut Cookies

By Karla Everett
These are delicious cookies , they can stay moist for along time...If they last that long!

Carrot And Apple Salad Recipe

Carrot and apple salad

By deb baldwin
I received some home grown carrots from a client..they where so huge! 2 large carrots made...