#Cider Recipes

Apple Cider Donuts Recipe

Apple Cider Donuts

By Megan Hampton
There is nothing better in the fall than those melt in your mouth apple donuts from...

Chicken Cider Stew Recipe

Chicken Cider Stew

By Kim Biegacki
This is one delicious stew and perfect for the autumn season. It is so satistfying...

Cider Baked Ribs Recipe

Cider Baked Ribs

By Doreen Fish
Another old recipe...not sure where I got this one but hand written and stained.... it is...

Hot Apple Cider Recipe

Hot Apple Cider

By Kay Skipper
I wanted a tasty, hot drink for special occasions during those cold Winter months. I finally...

Spicy Rice Recipe

Spicy Rice

By Laura Adams
This goes so well with pork. A perfect fall (or anytime) side dish! Sweet and savory...

Hot Cider Recipe

Hot Cider

By Christina Hanft
Super easy and inexpensive, yet always gets rave reviews. Everyone is always surprised that there's not...

Warm Cider Syrup Recipe

Warm Cider Syrup

By kim *
Incredibly delicious! Great served over pumpkin pancakes or your favorite pancake or waffle recipe. A decadent...