Christmas Cookies Recipes

Cherry Winks Recipe

Cherry Winks

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines

My fondest memory of this cookie is Christmas' as a child. My mom baked from...

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Egg Nog Sugar Cookies Recipe

Egg Nog Sugar Cookies

Stephanie Dodd
By Stephanie Dodd

This is from one of my favorite cookbooks, JC Penney's. Very good and easy sugar...

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Valencia Delights Recipe

Valencia Delights

Jill Drury
By Jill Drury

It was a crisp Fall afternoon and I had just gotten home from another rough day...

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Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Coconut Macaroons

Melanie Miller
By Melanie Miller

These macaroons are so simple but taste complex. They have evolved from being a staple...

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Lynda's Christmas Ginger snaps Recipe

Lynda's Christmas Ginger snaps

Lynda England
By Lynda England

These are a family favorite that my mother said came from Germany and always made at...

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Oatmeal Carmelitas Recipe

Oatmeal Carmelitas

Sarah D.
By Sarah D.

This is an irresistible bar that joined our Christmas Cookie list a few years ago. Thanks...

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