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Bacotater Casserole Recipe

Bacotater Casserole

susan simons
By susan simons

We were given a structured build that we had to come up with for WFC2013 and...

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Baked Potato Casserole Recipe

Baked Potato Casserole

Joelle Teague
By Joelle Teague

The first Thanksgiving my husband and I were married, we had everyone over for thanksgiving. This...

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Rose Dailey
By Rose Dailey

This is my version because I like spicy :-) My online cookbook:

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Casserole Waltz Recipe

Casserole Waltz

Linda Davis
By Linda Davis

This was my mother-in-laws recipe and we all loved the way she used the zucchini from...

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Cauliflower Casserole Recipe

Cauliflower Casserole

Amanda Bryant
By Amanda Bryant

I love cauliflower and found this in my mom's recipes. I modified it to use Velveeta...

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Cheezy Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Cheezy Green Bean Casserole

Jennifer DeShazo
By Jennifer DeShazo

Holidays just aren't the same without green bean casserole. My family loves the extra 'umph' the...

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Chili Mac N beef Casserole by freda Recipe

Chili Mac N beef Casserole by freda


This CHILI MAC casserole Version Was brought to a PotLuck, (this is MY OWN VERSION of...

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Chinese-Style Hamburger Casserole Recipe

Chinese-Style Hamburger Casserole

Shelley Simpson
By Shelley Simpson

This was one of Mamma's recipes! And one of our favorite wholesome meals growing up. Hope...

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Corn Dog Casserole Recipe

Corn Dog Casserole

Lillian Russo
By Lillian Russo

This is a recipe I made for my teen-aged nieces. They loved it! I made it...

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Crescent Sausage Casserole Recipe

Crescent Sausage Casserole

Jenny Morrell
By Jenny Morrell

This is a scrumptious breakfast or brunch casserole. It has all the elements of breakfast...

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Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Casserole Recipe

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Casserole

Darci Juris
By Darci Juris

Flaky croissants, two kinds of cheese, bacon and eggs make up this scrumptious breakfast casserole. Perfect for...

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