#Cappuccino Recipes

Cappuccino (Mini) Cheesecakes Recipe

Cappuccino (Mini) Cheesecakes

By Linda Hoover

Linda Hoover

Found this recipe on the 20 Something Cupcakes blog (here's the linky link http://www.20somethingcupcakes.com/2011/08/mini-cappuccino-cheesecakes/). It...

French Vanilla Cappuccino Recipe

French Vanilla Cappuccino

By Deb Crane

Deb Crane

Found this on food dot com after my son had been requesting it. No special equipment...

After-Hours Milky Way Cappuccino (Adult) Recipe

After-Hours Milky Way Cappuccino (Adult)

By Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams

My hubby and I have concocted DOZENS of cappuccinos since getting a cappuccino machine. It's so...

Cappuccino Caramel Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Cappuccino Caramel Chocolate Cookies

By Didi Dalaba

Didi Dalaba

Cappuccino and Caramel... YES and CHOCOLATE!!!!! DOUBLE YES!! Three of my favorite flavors!! These babies are "rockin good"!!...



By Lori-Jo Wahl

Lori-Jo Wahl

This has a great flavor with chocolate, cinnamon & nutmeg. It also makes great gifts, just add...

Mocha Creme Pie Recipe

Mocha Creme Pie

By Sandra Gilbert

Sandra Gilbert

This is a recipe I came up with using the Jiff Mocha Cappuccino Spread. This recipe...