#Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage Salad Mmb Recipe

Cabbage Salad MMB

By Melanie B
My friend, Kim shared this recipe with me. It is super good and very simple....

Oriental Cabbage Salad Recipe

Oriental Cabbage Salad

By Keri Spaulding
Great with any steak/beef dinners or with cookouts. A great replacement for people not wanting to...

Main Dish Minestrone (soup) Recipe

Main dish Minestrone (soup)

By Deb Crane
A comforting soup for those chilly days of Autumn.Packed with fresh vegetables, this stew like soup...

Mother-in-law Soup Recipe

Mother-in-law Soup

By Teresa Jacobson
Technically this is a hearty vegetable soup but I gave it this name because it's my...

Chili-cabbage Soup Recipe

Chili-Cabbage Soup

By Diane Cash
A friend offered this up....serve with cornbread and salad. NOTE: Watching calories, fats? Brown burger, rinse, then add...