#Butterscotch Recipes

Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

By Candy Ayers

This is a nice moist cake good anytime of the year but particularly nice for the...

Pecan Pralines Recipe

Pecan Pralines

By Colleen Wehr

I grew up in Mississippi, and these Louisianna Pralines have been passed down from my grandmother...

super quick oatmeal cookie Recipe

super quick oatmeal cookie

By c g

found this recipe on mixingbowl. i added two kinds of chips. this is my go to...

Marge's Heath Bars Recipe

Marge's Heath Bars

By deb baldwin

I got this recipe from my step-mom Marge. She worked very hard at a small grocery store...

Scotcheroos Recipe


By Kathy Smolkovich

My daughter learned to make these in her cooking class in high school; now we make...

Butterscotch Chip Cookies Mix in a Jar Recipe

Butterscotch Chip Cookies Mix in a Jar

By Stormy Stewart

This is a nice spin on the average gift-in-a-jar cookie. They come out quite nice also when...

Chocolate Scotcheroos Recipe

Chocolate Scotcheroos

By Kim Biegacki

I love the chewy texture of this bar cookie that is blended with peanut butter and...

Butterscotch Banana Pie Recipe

Butterscotch Banana Pie

By Amy Bulmer

I found this in an old 1970's cookbook from some local Jaycee Janes organization. Remember...

Butterscotch Crunchies Recipe

Butterscotch Crunchies

By Karen Rees

Sweet and Savory! My Mother-in-Law's recipe. So glad I found this in my recipe box! She...