#Butter Recipes

Danish Butter Cookies Recipe

Danish Butter Cookies

By Annelise Friedman
Really easy an delicious traditional holiday recipe. If you can find them, alternate between red and...

Dee's Kahlua Truffles Recipe

Dee's Kahlua Truffles

By Dee Stillwell
I have expeimented with truffle recipes over the years and this is the final tweaked recipe...

Black Walnut Cake Recipe

Black Walnut Cake

By Melissa Williamson
My family and friends loves my black walnut cake. That's my mom's favorite and she loves...

Peppermint Velvet Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

Peppermint Velvet Gooey Butter Cake

By Crystal Schlueter
Gooey butter cakes are very popular in my family. We often serve these during the summertime,...

Classic French Madeleines Recipe

Classic French Madeleines

By Tess Geer
Nothing tastes more like France than Madeleines. This classic, buttery lemon cookie is surprisingly easy to...

~ Tasty Butter Cream Chicken Cutlets ~ Recipe

~ Tasty Butter Cream Chicken Cutlets ~

By Cassie *
Another recipe my Gram always served. This dish is not for anyone watching their weight. But,...