Breakfast Recipes to Start the Day Right

Apple Pumpkin Butter - Canning Recipe

Apple Pumpkin Butter - Canning Recipe

By Robin Spires

This apple pumpkin butter makes a wonderful gift for your Thanksgiving hostess...or serve it with warm...

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Homemade Krispy Kremes Donut Holes Recipe

Homemade Krispy Kremes Donut Holes

By Sheila D

You might have to play with this recipe depending on elevation and humidity differences for different...

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Apple-Banana Tree Bread Recipe

Apple-Banana Tree Bread


This recipe makes 2 nice loaves, it is so moist from the apples! You could...

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Monte Cristo Egg Bake Recipe

Monte Cristo Egg Bake

By Teresa Jacobson

I LOVE Monte Cristo sandwiches! This is perfect for those Sunday brunches or when guests are...

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Granola Bars Recipe

Granola Bars

By Amy Cook

Perfect snack for my family and a little healthier and cheaper than store bought bars.

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Maple-Bacon Pancakes Recipe

Maple-Bacon Pancakes

By Domestic Goddess

I happen to come across this unusual pancake recipe at, which Meredith F originally posted...

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