Breakfast Recipes

French Toast Muffins Recipe

French Toast Muffins

Olivia Russell
By Olivia Russell

Who doesn't love French Toast? Did you know it also comes in muffin form? 2 points...

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Fried egg sandwich with style, part Recipe 2

Fried egg sandwich with style, part 2

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales

I love eggs and everything that goes with them. So I started putting different foods together...

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Giant Danish Recipe

Giant Danish

Teresa Jacobson
By Teresa Jacobson

I found this recipe in a magazine about 20 years ago. I've tweaked it a bit...

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Giddo's Dream Waffles Recipe

Giddo's Dream Waffles

Chelsea Hollow
By Chelsea Hollow

Several months ago, I awoke from an extremely vivid dream. Giddo, my grandfather who passed away...

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Good For You Breakfast Bars Recipe

Good For You Breakfast Bars

Jewel Hall
By Jewel Hall

Here are some ingredients that I like the taste of. It is tasty, make ahead and...

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