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Easiest Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Easiest Cheesecake Bars

Tess Geer
By Tess Geer

I have been making this for years and it is always a hit. Folks are upset...

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Fire Roasted Grilled Corn Gucamole Recipe

Fire Roasted Grilled Corn Gucamole

Eileen Kaiser
By Eileen Kaiser

I started my just buying ripe avocados..the best kind,,, using them on sandwichs ans some salad,,My...

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Aunt Bonnie's Chocolate Syrup for Pancakes Recipe

Aunt Bonnie's Chocolate Syrup for Pancakes

Shelia Senghas
By Shelia Senghas

My mother, Lucille’s older sister, Bonnie Hutchinson lived her whole life in Delaware County Oklahoma. She...

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A-Z Quick Bread Recipe

A-Z Quick Bread

Teresa Duncan
By Teresa Duncan

Fast and easy! Substitute fruit with whatever you have on hand. I still make this quick bread...

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Pumpkin Sweet Rolls...MGCC Recipe

Pumpkin Sweet Rolls...MGCC

Straw's Kitchen
By Straw's Kitchen

I received my newsletter from Mennonite Girls Can Cook (MGCC) in my email this morning....and just...

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Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies

Shelley Madison
By Shelley Madison

I'm always looking for nutritious, quick, and preferably portable breakfast ideas. These "cookies" fit the...

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Mom's Fried Mush Recipe

Mom's Fried Mush

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales

Fried mush was a staple in our house when we were growing up. As I recall,...

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Jodie's 3C Bread Recipe

Jodie's 3C Bread

JoSele Swopes
By JoSele Swopes

I have been making this for many years. I started making them in coffee cans...

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