Meat Breakfast Recipes

Brunch OR Lunch  Baby OMELET MUFFINS Recipe

Brunch OR Lunch Baby "OMELET MUFFINS"

Debra Hughes
By Debra Hughes

Great for light meals, to go meals, kids sleep overs, or packed in Hubby's lunch pail....

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Crescent Sausage Casserole Recipe

Crescent Sausage Casserole

Jenny Morrell
By Jenny Morrell

This is a scrumptious breakfast or brunch casserole. It has all the elements of breakfast...

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Ham Veggie Cheese Strata Recipe

Ham Veggie Cheese Strata

Dee Stillwell
By Dee Stillwell

The family was tired of ham leftovers, and the over proofed course textured rolls I made...

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Sweet and Savory Pork Hoecake Sliders Recipe

Sweet and Savory Pork Hoecake Sliders

Sherri Williams
By Sherri Williams

These lil' open-faced sliders are good for anytime during the day. The sweet mixed with the...

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Breakfast Fajitas Recipe

Breakfast Fajitas

Linda Griffith
By Linda Griffith

I make this for my husband who loves this recipe. It's easy and different. ...

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Bacon Breakfast Bake Recipe

Bacon Breakfast Bake

Pauline Greenwood
By Pauline Greenwood

This is perfect for when you're in the mood for a heavier, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast.

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Turkey Sausage Quiches Recipe

Turkey Sausage Quiches

Colleen Sowa
By Colleen Sowa

This is an adopted recipe from Just A Pinch that I changed to my liking... ...

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Bacon Cheese Muffins Recipe

Bacon Cheese Muffins

Megan Phillips
By Megan Phillips

Your Probably thinking "Bacon Cheese Muffins?!?!" Its really diffrent but they are GOOD!! -Megan P.S Im 11 Years...

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