Perfect Soft Cooked Eggs

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4 large eggs
enough water to cover the eggs a little
1 tsp white vinegar

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Jane's notes for this recipe:
This is for our beginner cooks. I make these at least twice a week and they come out perfect every time. It's not easy to get perfect soft boiled eggs either.
Whites are set, but yolk is soft. All you need is some toast and you are set. The cook time is off by one minute, but you have to enter by 5 minute increments in that section, use the direction section for the time.
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Set eggs out so they are not ice cold when you start to cook them.
Put enough water in a sauce pan to cover the eggs. Add the vinegar. The vinegar will prevent the eggs from seeping all over if they crack.
Bring water to a soft boil, and with a spoon lower the eggs in one at a time.
Set your timer immediately for 6 minutes exactly. Now would be a good time to start the toast or english muffins.
When 6 minutes are up, drain off water and fill pan with cold water.
Shell eggs by dipping in the colder water from time to time so you can handle them. I keep a paper towel handy to dry the egg a little before I put it on toast.
Put one egg on each slice of buttered toast.

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user Jane McMillan-Whittaker janenov46 - Oct 13, 2011
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user Bonnie D. Utahn - Oct 13, 2011
I love boiled or poached eggs on toast. My favorite is to butter the toast, tear it in pieces, put it in a bowl and put the eggs on top and toss all together. My grandma used to make that for me, and it has stuck with me all these years. Thanks for this recipe, Jane.
user Dana Ramsey DRamsey - Oct 13, 2011
Jane that is perfect you should do one for hardboiled eggs too. You wouldn't believe how many young cooks have asked me how to cook them.
user Jane McMillan-Whittaker janenov46 - Oct 13, 2011
I was thinking that you would all think that I had lost my mind :D But.....the beginners need a place to start.
Bonnie that would work! Sounds pretty darned good too.
I pick the toast up and eat it like an open faced sandwich.
Dana, there are so many ways out there for sure! Dee came up with one ....see if I can remember..that was bring to a boil, shut it off and leave it for 18 minutes, drain, and add cold water.

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